Critical acclaim

Big is the word for Andrea Silvestrelli in every way: height, hair… and an amazing Godunov/Fafner/Sparafucile/Sarastro voice coming from an echo chamber filled with storm clouds. The more quietly Silvestrelli sang, the more impressive the voice became. And throughout the 85-minute performance, not one look at the score!”

- San Francisco Chronicle

“Silvestrelli is carving for himself a very good name in the US. Have heard him a number of times and each time he was distinctive and never gave a weak performance.Although a veritable powerhouse his voice is one of quality and he can use it well.”

- Huston Chronicle

Bass Andrea Silvestrelli was singing the role of Fasolt the giant in Wagner’s Das Rheingold at the Lyric. He looks like a large Geordie Holbert and has a deep pure steady tone that brings tears to your eyes. He sang Mahler, Ibert, Tosti, Verdi, and reminded many of Feodor Chaliapin, especially when he sang Don Quichotte (Iberts’ not Massenets’). It won’t be long before these two young guys make it big in Opera, mark my words.”

- Chicago Sun

“There were wild cheers for Andrea Silvestrelli …who brought a terrifying, sepulchral tone to the assassin Sparafucile.” …
… “Andrea Silvestrelli wielded a big, black, menacing bass in his debut as the assassin Sparafucile.”

- Chicago Sun

As the assassin Sparafucile, bass Andrea Silvestrelli exhibited one of the largest voices I have ever heard on any stage. Mr. Silvestrelli is a very big man…very tall and menacing in appearance; this, coupled with his enormous vocal presence, made quite a sinister vision on the stage.”

- Micaele Sparacino, The Washington Post

“Another of the stars of Monday’s opening performance was Italian bass Andrea Silvestrelli, who portrayed the palace overseer Osmin with an ideal blend of comedy and menace.”

- Bill Gowen, Daily Herald

Italian bass Andrea Silvestrelli gave his usual effortlessly powerful performance. In a production that focused on shadows, fog, and darkness, Silvestrelli bounded in and out of sight, showing up at just the right times and portraying the assassin with just enough dark humor. The Italian’s powerful bass boomed throughout the house to great effect but with careful attention not to overpower his colleagues.”

- Paul Wooley, Opera Today

“As many of you know, about 8 years ago, my eldest child got our family into opera. She was a super in a production of Susannah at the Lyric Opera of Chicago, and she fell in love, and got us all involved TOO. We are an opera family the way Sarah Palin is a hockey mom—it defines us and determines our schedule. Up until this season, my main contribution has been to subscribe to the season and serve as a chaperone to my Super Kids, (Supers are Extras, or live props, in an opera—non speaking, non singing roles). But this year, my daughter INSISTED that I audition with her to be a harem girl in Mozart’s Abduction from the Seraglio…” Continue

- from a theater and performance artist.

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